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New plugins and new admins

Game Servers

I have added a few plugins to the Community servers:

  • Exact FF Damage Announcer (announces firendly fire damage)
  • L4D Vote Manager 2 (displays who started a vote)
  • L4D2 pause (pauses the game on the server and for all clients)


Consequently, a number of players have been added as admins. Read more for details.

VoodooPriest on November 30 2016 · In Game Servers · Read More · 0 Comments · 12832 Reads ·Print

Game servers configuration

Game Servers

I have published an article that gives some information about the setup and configuration of the new community servers.

I hope this will satisfy the requests for information that I've received.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.
VoodooPriest on November 21 2016 · In Game Servers · 0 Comments · 12139 Reads ·Print

New community servers for L4D1

Game Servers

Starting Tuesday October 04, 2016, this community now has two new L4D1 servers for members of the Steam group:

  • Community Server #1:, aka Black Magic
  • Community Server #2:, aka Doll and Needle


Both servers are running off a standard and as-vanilla-as-possible Source Dedicated Server on a single Virtual Private Server hosted in Vultr's cloud.

For the time being, two features are still missing/untested:

  • spectator slots
  • chat commands (!join, !spec…)


If anyone has knowledge of how to implement these or has some pointers, I'd appreciate your sharing the info.

Console command or autoexec.cfg entry:



You'll notice a new server banner, but the MOTD points back at this website, just like before.

The server (the machine) runs no other service than these dedicated L4D servers. Therefore, the performance and stability should be good. Moreover, I've chosen to put the server in Frankfurt, Germany, due to that site being more central in Europe than other sites offered by the cloud computing provider.

Please test and report any problems to me.


VoodooPriest on October 06 2016 · In Game Servers · 0 Comments · 14145 Reads ·Print

New Owner Needed!

Hi everyone. Unfortunately my enthusiasm for the project has come to an end. Its been a fun time to do all this but due to big changes in my life I dont have time or effort to put in this project. So maybe its better to pass this to someone with new ideas and ambitions, because it definitely needs a burst of new energy. Its been on hold for quite a while now. 
I am looking for someone to become admin for domain and this steam group. The domain is pre-paid and will last untill 2016-09-06. Also there are game servers that are tied to the community. They are sponsored by Jam (Jamoffsky). Not sure whats going to happen to them but hopefully there will be no changes there. 
Basicly you get a complete community for free. 
In worst case this community has to be dismissed. So be sure to tell me if you are interested, ask your friends. 

Best regards, HighVoltage.

HighVoltage on September 04 2015 · In Uncategorised · 0 Comments · 20453 Reads ·Print

L4D1 Two new world records !

Survival World Records

Two new world records has been set first lighthouse 138 min played by HellRazor, JusT SLOW, Ah, Dennis.

Second Port 275 min played by HellRazor, JusT SLOW, 0קקoser, Dennis.

Special congratz to Dennis for showing up on WR list again !




JusT SLOW on June 18 2014 · In Survival World Records · 0 Comments · 12876 Reads ·Print

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