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New plugins and new admins

Game Servers

These are the plugins added to the new Community servers:



The purpose of this news item is to let the community know of a feature provided by the L4D2_pause plugin (which also works with L4D1 despite its name). This plugin allows the game to be paused by typing !forcepause in the chat window. Maybe it'll help when a user disconnects during a promising game, I don't know yet.

Verbatim from the page of the plugin: “This plugin uses the built in pause function. This causes everything in the game to pause. Players that disconnected and reconnect during the pause will be met with a black screen, but they are still in the game and will be normal once the game is unpaused.

New admins

I have set the configuration so that only admins can use the !forcepause command. As a consequence, the following users are now admins on both community servers:

  • AKA Ruthless Killer
  • Däx
  • [RIP]deinemudda65
  • Goat Reliq
  • Yuendemu
  • Raptor
  • Rockboo
  • Scout
  • Supernova

SourceMod admin rights/permissions for all admins are:

  • 99:abcdefghijklm (for myself)
  • 1:bcdfgjk (for all other players who have thus been promoted to admin status or who will be in the future)

For reference, here is the meaning of the permissions, as defined in the SourceMod `admin_levels.cfg` file:
    "reservation"  "a"            //Reserved slots
    "generic"      "b"            //Generic admin, required for admins
    "kick"         "c"            //Kick other players
    "ban"          "d"            //Banning other players
    "unban"        "e"            //Removing bans
    "slay"         "f"            //Slaying other players
    "changemap"    "g"            //Changing the map
    "cvars"        "h"            //Changing cvars
    "config"       "i"            //Changing configs
    "chat"         "j"            //Special chat privileges
    "vote"         "k"            //Voting
    "password"     "l"            //Password the server
    "rcon"         "m"            //Remote console
    "cheats"       "n"            //Change sv_cheats and related commands
    "custom1"      "o"
    "custom2"      "p"
    "custom3"      "q"
    "custom4"      "r"
    "custom5"      "s"
    "custom6"      "t"
    "root"         "z"            // "Magic access flag" that grants all permissions.

To be noted

  • All admins should be immune to bans.
  • To access the admin menu, type sm_admin in your console then close the console.
  • To view your admin rights, type sm_who in your console.
  • If you're not in the list of admins and would like to be, just leave me a chat message.

With great power comes great responsibility. So please, exercise the utmost care when using this command.

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01-04-2017 21:01
All 130s

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16-03-2015 19:30
Yea gotta do that. Need to come up with a proper name for those categories.

05-03-2015 10:06
You guys will have to rework hall of fame to add 90s and 100s haha

23-02-2015 05:57
2 new Top 5's on Parish Bridge in L4D2! Grin