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Member Profile for Johnny Cage

User Avatar User Name Johnny Cage
User Level Common Infected
Date Joined January 15 2014 20:04:46
Last Visit August 25 2018 10:20:04
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Miscellaneous Information
Location new mexico
Birthdate June 1 1993
L4D1 Survival Times
The Generator Room 51:41.47 Dean, Sky, Sofield
The Gas Station 62:17.60 Sky, Salami, Nesisoth
The Hospital 73.50 Biggie, Mercenary, Nesisoth
The Roof Top 47:14.40 Sky, Ban(s), Kev
Bridge CC 63.59 Sky, Salami, Ban(s)
The Truck Depot 59:19.60 Wicked, Mar, Sky
The Drains 73:49.73 Sky, Ban(s) Kev
The Church 72:44.33 Sky, Nes, Kev
The Street 81:57.93 NicNak, wussy, Dean
The Boat House 59.32.23 Sky, Salami, Biswas
The Crane 65:27.57 Sky, Salami, Wicked
The Construction Site 104:03.47 Sky, Salami, StarFISHY
The Terminal 58:12.77 Sky, JP, Wicked
The Runway 63:53.80 Sky, Ban(s), OK
The Warehouse 67:24.10 Sky, Salami, Ban(s)
Bridge BH 50:26.13 Salami, Ban(s), Sky
The Farmhouse 132:54.00 Dean, Ruthless, Sky
Traincar 42:58.27 Sky, Kev, Ok
Port 121.16 Kev, Guy, LoneWolfy
The Lighthouse 49:24.73 Sky, Ban(s), Kev


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01-04-2017 21:01
All 130s

12-04-2016 19:12

16-03-2015 19:30
Yea gotta do that. Need to come up with a proper name for those categories.

05-03-2015 10:06
You guys will have to rework hall of fame to add 90s and 100s haha

23-02-2015 05:57
2 new Top 5's on Parish Bridge in L4D2! Grin