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L4D2 Server L4D1 Videos

Hey, the L4D2 server is working now. You can find it on servers subsite, also there is fun server of Jamoffski with 8 slots.

Second news is that i updated videos, i think that it include all main survival videos. Low time videos or low quiality videos wasn't added. But there is really much nice videos to see !

If anyone is intrested in contributing with servers or want to have own server then should contact me or Jamoffski.

PS. Congratz to High-Voltage he is second man in the world with over 70 min on all the L4D1 sruvival maps !

as always your best admin SLOW

JusT SLOW on October 25 2013 · In Uncategorised · Read More · 0 Comments · 2691 Reads ·Print

Bridge CC - New World Record! 113m

Survival World Records

WARNING! Please sit down before you read this, because you might pass out of awesomeness. Our friends across the lake made an epic record on Bridge CC achieving almost 114 minutes!

Congratulations Salami_Joe, ok, ban(s) on record and Skyheart!


HighVoltage on October 14 2013 · In Survival World Records · 0 Comments · 2229 Reads ·Print

Rooftop - New World Record! 113m

Survival World Records

Congratulations to Just SLOW, `Psy, Snookray and HighVoltage for pushing the limit and achieving 113:27.63 on rooftop!


HighVoltage on October 12 2013 · In Survival World Records · 0 Comments · 2575 Reads ·Print

Runway - New World Record! 100m

Survival World Records

I have no words. They do it agan.  New world record on Runway - 100m. Congratulations  Snookray, ´Psy, High-Voltage and Just SLOW.


HighVoltage on October 10 2013 · In Survival World Records · 0 Comments · 3118 Reads ·Print

Truck Depot - New World Record! 71m

Survival World Records

Maan, my fingers are getting tired of making announcements about new records :D Anyway, a new record on Truck Depot has been made by HighVoltage, Just Slow, Snookray and Psy. Congratulations!



HighVoltage on October 06 2013 · In Survival World Records · 0 Comments · 2231 Reads ·Print


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All 130s

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Yea gotta do that. Need to come up with a proper name for those categories.

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You guys will have to rework hall of fame to add 90s and 100s haha

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2 new Top 5's on Parish Bridge in L4D2! Grin