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(L4D1&2)Custom Crosshairs
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[DL-Interface] (L4D1&2)Custom Crosshairs 

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(L4D1&2)Custom Crosshairs
This crosshairs works only with LeftGUI, the download contains 10 custom crosshairs. The download file is in 7z archive (you can uncompress it f.e. with free: 7-zip or HaoZip).

To install custrom crosshair put any of xhar.vpk file in your l4d addon folder.

Important thing is that xhair.vpk must be loaded beafore LeftGUI. You can do it it in 2 ways, by deleting LeftGUI vpk file and pasting xhair.vpk file and run a game. Then install again LeftGUI vpk file and run game, corsshair should work now.
Second way is edditing it in file addons.txt (you can find this file in left4dead/left4dead catalog).

To turn off default bulid in game crosshair you can use any of this 2 commands:

crosshair 0, or cl_crosshair_alpha 0

If you want to have any other custom crosshair you can prepare 64x64 pixels image with it and ask me for making vpk from it by letting comment here or PM.
(L4D1&2)Custom Crosshairs
License Date Download (1801)
12.09.2013 - 02:39 No Download


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177 #11 Berserk
on April 05 2015 07:06:57
xhair6.vpk does not work .i get white square like texture, nover fix it?
177 #12 Berserk
on April 07 2015 03:44:58
please fix it , is your best crosshair ;(

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16-03-2015 19:30
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05-03-2015 10:06
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23-02-2015 05:57
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