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» HighVoltage´s Blog - July 2020

» New Survival Map

Hi everyone! Its really fun to be productive and creative. Thats why I am trying to revive my old Counter-Strike Source map I've been working on. Im am converting it to a L4D 1 and 2 survival map.
The events take place in a medieval time, in a castle environment. The name of the map is yet to be decided.
Right now im working on infrastructure like roads, buildings, envvironment objects etc. A step after that would be to focus on textures and ofcourse lightning. I havent really decided yet if it should be played in day or night time. Nighttime maybe suits better. But Im going to put it up to a test.

Here come some screenshots:

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By HighVoltage on June 01 2014 13:20:38 · 4112 Views · 0 Comments · Print · Blog index
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01-04-2017 21:01
All 130s

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16-03-2015 19:30
Yea gotta do that. Need to come up with a proper name for those categories.

05-03-2015 10:06
You guys will have to rework hall of fame to add 90s and 100s haha

23-02-2015 05:57
2 new Top 5's on Parish Bridge in L4D2! Grin